Why You Need an Immigration Attorney

There are different situations when it will make sense to hire an immigration attorney. While you can handle things on your own, it is likely you will be frustrated by the time and effort of dealing with them. To save yourself time and the agony of doing the legwork, you should hire an immigration lawyer to help you.

When applying for a green card or immigrant visa for free consultation, you don't need to have an attorney. You can proceed with an immigrant visa or green card application if you have a straightforward case. This means you should not have previous negative run-ins with immigration authorities, have no record of crimes, and are eligible for the benefit you seek. If you are outside the US, your lawyers cannot accompany you to the consular interviews. However, they are allowed to help you with the paperwork and follow-up communications with the consular office.

However, there are a number of situations when it makes sense to hire a local immigration attorney. In such cases, you can save yourself a lot of aggravation and time by hiring a lawyer. The complexity of immigration law can wear you out. Moreover, the inefficiency of the office does not get a lot of public scrutiny like other government departments. If the following apply to your case, you should hire an immigration lawyer to help you.

You Are Inadmissible

When you want to immigrate to the US, one of the legal issues you are likely to face is inadmissibility. There are various reasons why you may be declared inadmissible in the country. For example, you may have committed a crime in the past or lied to the US government . If your immigration application is denied due to any of these reason, it will makes sense to get help from an immigration lawyer before starting the application process. To know more about attorneys, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attorney.

You Have Immigration Court Proceedings

If you have been taken to court for immigration reasons and are facing deportation, you should hire a lawyer to help you. If the proceedings have not been concluded or are on appeal, it is advisable to get an immigration attorney to help you. In case the proceedings are over, you can still ask for advice from an attorney to find out what the outcome of the case has on your current application.

An attorney that is known to win immigration cases will be a good fit to work on your case if any of the above apply.

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